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Working with Brendan and Elise Ferreria was a true pleasure. They are a dream team couple making lives better for so many people through community and fitness.

Brendan Ferreira was medically retired at the rank of SSG from the US Army after a nearly fatal encounter with a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. The blast took the lives of two men, as well as most of his hearing, his right eye, his left arm below the elbow, and nearly both his legs. He spent two years recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he met Elise. Urged by his wife find his way back into fitness, Brendan set out on an inspirational path to fulfill his dream of becoming a CrossFit coach.

When they decided to take their dreams to the next level they needed a website that they could manage themselves, that worked seamlessly with their existing customer management software. We were proud to deliver and love watching their gym grow!

To learn more about 11th Warrior, visit their (awesome) website, or check them out on Facebook.

About Strategic Strength & Conditioning:

If I were writing a program for my family… My brother, my parents, my children… to follow, what would I want them to achieve?” This was the question Head Coach Brendan Ferreira asked General Manager, Elise Ferreira, when they decided to open their first gym. The answer they came up with was simple; longevity. So the two began their research to develop the best program to keep their families healthy, strong, and injury free over the course of a lifetime.

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