Website Launch: Strategic Strong

Working with Brendan and Elise Ferreria was a true pleasure. They are a dream team couple making lives better for so many people through community and fitness.

Brendan Ferreira was medically retired at the rank of SSG from the US Army after a nearly fatal encounter with a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. The blast took the lives of two men, as well as most of his hearing, his right eye, his left arm below the elbow, and nearly both his legs. He spent two years recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he met Elise. Urged by his wife find his way back into fitness, Brendan set out on an inspirational path to fulfill his dream of becoming a CrossFit coach.

When they decided to take their dreams to the next level they needed a website that they could manage themselves, that worked seamlessly with their existing customer management software. We were proud to deliver and love watching their gym grow!

To learn more about 11th Warrior, visit their (awesome) website, or check them out on Facebook.

About Strategic Strength & Conditioning:

If I were writing a program for my family… My brother, my parents, my children… to follow, what would I want them to achieve?” This was the question Head Coach Brendan Ferreira asked General Manager, Elise Ferreira, when they decided to open their first gym. The answer they came up with was simple; longevity. So the two began their research to develop the best program to keep their families healthy, strong, and injury free over the course of a lifetime.

Website Launch: 11th Warrior

 If you want to get involved with helping Veterans, but can’t make a large commitment, just carve out some time Veteran’s Day weekend in Florida to join the 11th Warrior event! It is the title fundraiser for Companions for Heroes and a great way to actively support our veterans.

At 11th Warrior wounded veterans, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts will work out together on the world famous white sandy beaches of Clearwater’s Pier 60 Park and raise money for Companions For Heroes – an IRS 501c3 non-profit that works to save shelter dogs and cats by pairing them with American Heroes who are dealing with the stresses of their job.

With a new responsive website, focused on raising awareness and sponsorships, they are able to grow their event. Attendees, athletes, and vendors can also register right on the website.

To learn more about 11th Warrior, visit their (awesome) website, or check them out on Facebook.

About the Charities:

Companions for Heroes is a Virginia 501c3 that saves shelter/rescue dogs and cats in pairing them with active duty military, wounded veterans, law enforcement and first responders struggling with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress, Depression and Anxiety. The Yellow Ribbon Fund is a 501c3 based out of Bethesda, MD providing a multitude of services to wounded service members and their families. Together, they will show how fitness and animal companionship can save lives.

Website Launch: YRF TUF Team

If you need motivation to get up and be active, check out the Yellow Ribbon Fund’s TUF Team. They are an inspiring team of Veterans that are not letting battle wounds slow them down. It only seemed fitting that they have a website as impressive as they are.

Team Founder Eric Basek took his love for fitness and passion to help Veterans and developed a program to help wounded Veterans heal through the power of community. 

The original TUF Team website was packed with information, but difficult to navigate and not mobile friendly. They needed a site that would do their cause justice, and that is what After Action Design was able to deliver. 

With a new responsive website, focused on helping veterans and building their team, they are able to grow their powerful community. A focus on team events and assisting as many Vets as possible, it’s easy to learn where you can find the TUF Team, how they can help you, and how you can help them if you are looking to support Veterans as well.

To learn more about the YRF TUF Team, visit their (awesome) website, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, flickr and YouTube.


About the Yellow Ribbon Fund:

The Yellow Ribbon Fund provides practical support to injured service members and their families while they’re at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, and after they return to their hometowns. Since our beginning, more than 85 cents of every dollar spent has gone directly to programs and services.

Website Launch: Companions for Heroes


The new Companions for Heroes website is live and I could not be happier to have helped such a deserving organization! 

Founded by David Sharpe, C4H is a non profit that helps pair Veterans with rescue animals. Since it’s inception in October 2006 they have aided hundreds of our nation’s heroes while finding loving homes for shelter and rescue pets.

When I first spoke with Companions for Heroes their website was confusing and difficult to use for visitors especially on mobile phones. In addition or organizational issues, the application process was hard for applicants to fill out and even harder for the organization to utilize. 

I was able to build a responsive website that makes information easy to find, and the application process easy to use. I also included an easier donation process. The best part, though, is that the CMS platform has made it easy for David and his staff to update themselves. This way they don’t have to depend on outside help to keep applicants and donors informed. With their new website from After Action Design, C4H is able to help more Veterans than ever before! 

To learn more about Companions for Heroes, visit their (awesome) website, check them out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The Adventure Begins

The excitement of figuring out how I could help gave me a rush of motivation and I immediately started putting together a plan. There is a lot to accomplish when trying to launch such a project, and while I do all of that, I also needed to build a portfolio so I could launch this website. That process began with Companions for Heroes (C4H).

I am a dog lover and a big advocate of rescue animals in particular. I discovered C4H years ago when I made my first attempt to match my passions with my desire to help veterans. Unfortunately, at the time there was really no way for me to help at C4H, but I followed them on facebook and shared their story whenever I could. Shortly after the idea for After Action Design came about I was scrolling through facebook and came across one of their posts. Long story short, their website wasn’t nearly as great as they deserved and I decided they would make a perfect first recipient of a free website. Luckily they agreed and work began!

Stay tuned for the website launch in the next few months!

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