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The Adventure Begins

The excitement of figuring out how I could help gave me a rush of motivation and I immediately started putting together a plan. There is a lot to accomplish when trying to launch such a project, and while I do all of that, I also needed to build a portfolio so I could launch this website. That process began with Companions for Heroes (C4H).

I am a dog lover and a big advocate of rescue animals in particular. I discovered C4H years ago when I made my first attempt to match my passions with my desire to help veterans. Unfortunately, at the time there was really no way for me to help at C4H, but I followed them on facebook and shared their story whenever I could. Shortly after the idea for After Action Design came about I was scrolling through facebook and came across one of their posts. Long story short, their website wasn’t nearly as great as they deserved and I decided they would make a perfect first recipient of a free website. Luckily they agreed and work began!

Stay tuned for the website launch in the next few months!

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